Monday, February 1, 2010


Some quick news to get everyone up to date...

Scorpion has picked us up again for 2010 which is very cool and they have a great new race helmet with "pump" fit of which I can't wait to try out... EXO 750 waiting for the Neon of course.

We are talking with Revit again so will find out soon on that front - they have a new arrangement with Gore so that too is interesting as the product was already top notch.

The seat project is almost done and looking great - waiting on carbon Fiber vinyl and Slip-Not for the seat to sew up.

The FD change is a @#$%$#!! but moving along - Henry and I have been working on the tool to take it apart and spent two days so far JUST on that. Challenging to say the least.

That is it for now... keep tuned for what is happening next.

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