Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally the Drive and More Cushion for the Pushing

The Final Drive is off and waiting to be broken down to its parts - After conferring and discussing within my tiny little brain.... I am going to split it open and take a look. It will require some work from Henry to get a proper socket made and then some serious muscle and heat and, and.... "what am I getting into??? Oh well - there should be no movement in it and it does so I will make sure it it done right. Even though it is very rideable outside right now with the unseasonably warm weather.

As for the seat (pics to come) it is uncovered and cut down - it was sad to cut into that foam but my Mom's electric knife did the trick and it has now been used twice in 40 years so that makes me smile.

Stay tuned for the adventures in pinched thumbs, burnt fingers, sore muscles, stapled hands... well, lots more than that... I mean I will have to glue things as well and we all know how that turns out normally for me...

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