Sunday, January 3, 2010

Preparing to Move... fast.

All things considered the intent of this blog is to get me moving and to encourage everyone else to do the same. It is a little hard to do so at times... economics being the major stumbling block. Moving is compounded by the weather here in sunny old southern Ontario as it is now -15 outside and snowy and blowing. So... I am spending time "preparing to move" hence the wonderfully insightful and witty title today. To the above end, and at the very real risk of being verbose, I have dove into the winters therapy to help carry me to spring. One job being to move quite fast - the other to move in comfort.

First job - I started the revised seat for the GS yesterday. Went to MacMaster-Carr to get the foam and supplies (very cool I must say) and have shed the old cover, mounted the seat on a jig for sculpting and am ready to go. Although I am excited to get the job done for my arse I am also excited to be able to make it my own and be creative while I am doing it. I have to admit a bit nervous as well. I have in the past been know to subtly and not so subtly destroy perfectly good items in about 3 seconds flat or less. I will be extra cautious this time out I promise. I will be posting the entire job here as well as for the inmates to have a go at me and to maybe encourage some other noob to destroy their seat as well... ;-)

Second job - I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Henry on the new 350 - taking it down to the bones to sand and wax the very nice ChroMo frame. Spending the better part of today with a grinding/buffing wheel in my hand making sure all the nooks and crannies were taken care of and the "pattern" was just right. Not too much or too little with Henry commanding from afar. It was tiresome but awesome and I helped him move the production racers upstairs for the winter - to await the thaw. The 350 is coming along well and I am excited to get on the track with it. We are both excited to see how the new engine sounds with the radical valve angles and of course a Henry Hogben megaphone. Speaking of which all 4 of the production racers have open megaphones to varying degrees and the thought of being able to ride those stupidly rare bikes around the track for the first time is sending me... from one "Jeebie" to another.... "I can't wait to take it to the real man, ride it to the verge and push the real... do the 8's and 9's and into the ton man...." if you know what I mean.

And, on that note - good night and happy holidays.... the real work starts tomorrow.

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