Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking to scratch an itch...

Happy Holidays everyone and I trust everyone got what they wanted...

Well I did and can't complain except for the fact I want more time and more money... I guess they go hand in hand when properly proportioned.

We are currently planning the next season of racing and I am looking forward to what Ken can do to the 500 and what Henry will have created in his awesome new 350. To see the 250 and matching 350 Ducati's in the pits will be incredible.

I am still on the fence with how much I can accomplish while building the business more determinedly and also trying to get out to wander a bit more. Which is the point of this blog really isn't it.

So, preperations are continuing with the Trans America Trail regardless of what happens just so I am ready to go when the opportunity presents itself. I have removed the seats and will be working those to be custom fit to my skinny little butt as soon as I can.

I will not be doing the Sand Blast Rally but will like to get in one or two events to prepare me for some navigation and true(er) dirt riding on the Beast.

We shall see. I am off to the basement to work so talk to you later and cheers of course!

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