Monday, February 16, 2009

Too little too long

My delinquency in not posting will hopefully be forgiven by everyone. The general feeling of malaise and depression I have been feeling lately due to the weather, not riding and overall feeling shitty is the culprit.

The Indy Dealer show is happening right now and my main sponsors or there in force including my local shop DualSport Plus here in Stoney Creek. Which means I have to wait for them to get back before I can spend some money on gear. Which of course bugs me to no end as I just want/need to do something involved in riding. The weather of late has helped a lot and I have been working on the GS to get it cleaned up. Working on Jacobs little KX65 is helping as well and good for the two of us.

The BSA 500GP is set to launch at the VRRA practice day in May (23rd I think) which is exciting. The featured marque at this years Mid-Ohio Vintage days being BSA... which adds some pressure but all good.

So, In hindsight things are happening and lots to think about. There are a few other things right now that are perculating that I will update everyone on in the coming weeks.

More in line with an adventure - the adventure that we are all involved in. ...Just moving.

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