Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not diggin the weather

It is hopelessly cold out and I am hopelessly downtrodden with a cold. More snow again and all my riding friends are itching to get going and ride. Me included. That is of course with the exception of the southern states.

Going to be working on the bike this weekend and getting it ready for the summer. It looks like I will be adventuring out a number of times this season. A few trips to the Pacific Coast for work it seems and at least some sort of ride in planning for Utah and the salt flats with Pete. Maybe - we shall see how it goes but want to travel down to Death Valley and maybe Moab, then back home.

At the very least I will be heading down to Barbers in Alabama for the WMC race and subsequent vintage race later that September.

Bound and determined I am to put some real miles on the bike.

...out to blow the snow in my bike gear. I have to do something to keep my head in it.

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