Friday, January 16, 2009


The cold hard winter is getting colder and harder every day but as some point out - the days are getting longer so that helps.

Plans are under way to ride Daytona!! We haven't been for a while and it will be a great challenge to see how the 350 does on the banking. I don't normally like the place much but as with all things have been missing it nonetheless. We are still in the planning stages of course and Henry looks like he may put together the 250 for a shot at it also.

Jacob has never been to bike week before and I want him to see it with me before he starts cruising it with his friends when he is older. My sponsors are online, which will bring an impetus to up the game a little bit. All welcome of course as I like a little encouragement.

We will be staying at Blairs Jungle Den again as it has become to drop zone for the unwanted and outcast... I found this place many moons ago and it has become a must stay with our group. Very, very informal but perfect for the likes of us. If Poonsie can give up his van for a night at the Jungle Den you know it is good.

We don't exactly know our program for the season yet as Ken has thrown a wrench into the works by suggesting (secretly) that he has a 500GP motor in the works. This is indeed exciting news as it will put us in amongst the best of the best. With a total of about 17 Premier Championships and one world champion among the top 4, I will be in with it for sure and none of those guys ever give an inch politely. Cronshaw will be tough as he will try ever so hard to keep his status as the "worlds fastest BSA".

Henry has something in the works as well that is new but I am sworn to secrecy on that - punishable by death... or he might just take one of my arms for personal use.

So that is the next big adventure - a week in Daytona riding the banking - finding the top speed of the BSA and experiencing Bike Week with my son and maybe Holly if she can get some time away from school.

She and I may be taking a day or two to go to Manhattan to see Poons' gallery show in Feb and hopefully sit down with the guys - Kenny, Roper, Aron, the Poons etc. for a dinner and celebration of her birthday. That would be very nice indeed.

I cannot wait to get working on something -- my hands need a chore. As my next newest favourite bike racer says - It's Mega! aka Guy Martin is the man!!!

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